Our Incredible Educators


Ted Gore

Landscape Photography
Ted Gore is a landscape photographer based in southern California and has gained massive international acclaim for his development of a highly sophisticated style of photography characterized by a combination of ambitious compositions and seductive processing.
Artist at Work

Michael Shainblum

Landscape & Timelapse Photography
Michael Shainblum is a landscape, timelapse and aerial photographer based in San Francisco, California. He has been working professionally as a photographer and filmmaker for 11 years since the age of 16. Michael first made a name for himself through his unique creativity and the ability to capture scenes and moments in his distinct style of surreal, visual story telling.
Photography.How - Ryan Dyar Landscape Photography

Ryan Dyar

Landscape Photography
Ryan Dyar is a landscape photographer from Seattle, Wa who teaches in depth Photoshop instructional tutorials and captures dramatic landscape imagery from around the world.
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