Something from Nothing – A Ryan Dyar Photography Processing Tutorial


Are you a photo purist? If so, this tutorial isn’t for you!

Have you ever wondered if you could take your worst images and turn them into something visually compelling? In this tutorial Ryan takes a rather boring, flat, poorly composed photo through the paces in Photoshop to see if he could make an impactful image… and we think he nailed it!

Pulling color out of colorless light, warping, land shifting, creating light rays, and more. While this is not necessarily how Ryan normally edits his images, this video shows you just what is possible if you throw aside your strict photography morals and embrace the art of digital imaging… something more and more people are doing these days.


Run Time: 1hr 55min
Includes the original RAW file for your own use.

*This is a large file. Please ensure a strong internet connection and allow adequate time for download.

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